Meet Your Teachers, Robin Keehn and Mark S. Meritt


 Master Simply Music Teacher

I've been an avid music lover and musician all of my life.  I started playing the piano by ear when I was only 3 years old.  Not long after, I began formal Suzuki violin lessons and moved onto piano lessons when I was 10.  I eventually learned to read music and accompanied 80 voice touring choirs, rock 'n roll bands and worship teams. I've had a music and dance school for more than 20 years and now help music and dance school owners develop and scale their studios!

What I love about Simply Music is that we give you access to playing the piano from your very first lesson.  We draw on your existing aural, visual and kinesthetic skills and have you playing great sounding music NOW.  You have immediate success.  I've taught hundreds of students successfully to play the piano using Simply Music.  I can't wait for you to get started today!


Master Simply Music Teacher

Robin’s got me beat by a year — I was 4 when I started playing piano by ear. In my teens, I began composing and songwriting, co-writing and directing my first musical. I’ve performed professionally, including on national television. When I learned about Simply Music, it resonated so strongly with my own musical learning experience. I’m thrilled that Simply Music has given me the opportunity to create the Tune Toolkit Improvisation & Composition program, a revolutionary approach to learning to create your own original music.

I’m also the Musical Director of the Mop & Bucket Co., the premiere improvisational theatre group in New York State’s Capital Region. Working and playing there has given me the incredibly fun and challenging opportunity to improvise scores for scenes and, in collaboration with the actors, countless songs, musical and mini-operas. I also teach improvised singing.

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