Play Piano Now--No Reading, No Experience and No Instrument Required*

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano? Has the thought of learning how to read music discouraged you from taking action? Have you dreaded the months or even years of playing scales and doing drills before you could play something you liked? 


 It doesn't need to be that way. In fact, it shouldn't.  

The Simply Music Piano method is a breakthrough. We delay reading and immerse you immediately in playing the piano. No reading. No theory. No math. Just music from the minute you sit down.

Tens of thousands of Simply Music students around the world are playing contemporary, classical, accompaniment and blues piano, from their very first lessons – literally!


Play with Simply Music is now the best way to introduce yourself to this fantastic method. With this online program that you can use anytime and anywhere, you’ll learn how to play four great-sounding songs — and how to create your own original music! — with the support of over three hours of video lessons delivered by two highly experienced Simply Music Teachers.

Simply Music Piano can take you anywhere you want to go with the piano, and Play with Simply Music is a brilliant entry into the program. With four songs from the full curriculum, Play with Simply Music provides both an understanding of how our programs work as well as giving you an immediate experience of your musicianship.

Students usually only have access to this four-song program through a Simply Music Piano teacher. But with Play with Simply Music, not only can you go through this program on your own — you get a dramatically enhanced version of the program.

Your materials include:

• Step-by-step Support Videos delivered by Simply Music Creator and Executive Director, Neil Moore.

• Audio recordings for each piece.

•An expanded version of the program’s Reference Book.

• A Practice Pad, which is not only a valuable tool for practicing but also makes it possible to learn the songs even if you don’t have access to a piano or keyboard right now!*


Get started playing the piano today!

Play with Simply Music provides you with the support you need to play the piano now. Six Video Lessons provide tremendous support, with a total of over three hours of instruction delivered by Master Simply Music Piano Teachers Robin Keehn and Mark S. Meritt.

Robin and Mark will teach you a number of highly powerful learning strategies that make everything as easy as possible. You can even apply them to help you learn in countless other areas of your life. You’ll also learn how to do several improvisations so that you’ll be creating your own original music in no time!

In addition to all of this you’ll also discover how the Simply Music Method was created, learn how it works to achieve breakthrough results, hear demonstrations of many of the curriculum’s more advanced pieces, and you’ll get to find out about the possibilities Simply Music provides you with to keep filling your life with music.

There’s simply no better way to get started learning to the play the piano than Simply Music, and there’s simply no better way to get started with Simply Music than the Play with Simply Music online program!

With options for lessons with a teacher, at-home study, and even becoming a teacher yourself, Simply Music gives you many fantastic possibilities for a longer-term journey with music. But why dive into something bigger when you can get a taste first?

Play with Simply Music is the perfect way to get a real sense of what the Simply Music Piano Method is like and how it feels to benefit from it as a student. There has never been a less expensive, lower-commitment way to sample what Simply Music has to offer. Once you complete the Play with Simply Music program, you’ll be able to continue into ongoing lessons with a teacher, either nearby or from anywhere in the world via online lessons.

There’s also a new self-study program called Music and Creativity soon to be released , and/or  you could become a Simply Music Piano Teacher yourself.

Many of our teachers began with no experience with piano or music lessons. The revolutionary Simply Music approach is what makes this possible — just as it makes it possible for you to learn four great-sounding songs so quickly and easily by using Play with Simply Music.

Get started now and discover your inner musician!

*You can get started using the printable Practice Pad included with your program. It is not intended to be used for ongoing lessons.