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Play with Simply Music is a 4 song playing-based piano workshop that you can take at your own pace--with NO reading or special talent required! We teach you to play using shapes, sentences, chords, progressions and more. It's an entirely unique and completely natural way to play. It's perfect if you're 5 or 95 and anywhere in between.

Robin Keehn and Mark S. Meritt, Master Simply Music Teachers, show you exactly how to play each of the pieces plus several improvisations for creating your own original music! Supporting videos and reference materials are designed to speed your learning. Simply Music is a proven method taught around the world and gets you immediate results with or without piano experience. No keyboard required!*

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*You can get started using the printable Practice Pad included with your program. It is not intended to be used for ongoing lessons.

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Simply Music is a revolutionary playing-based approach that teaches you to play songs on the piano from your very first lessons.   We use your natural musicality, your visual, aural and kinesthetic skills to play classical, blues, jazz, gospel, arrangements, accompaniment and improvisation from the start, without the need to read music.